CanisVulpes Vloggo

Vloggo 1: Anchorage, Alaska

This was a semi-spontaneous trip I did to see a friend and honestly one I never expected to at all take. At the time this was the furthest I’ve been solo from home, and it definitely felt like it.

Alaska is very much isolated. Maybe it was the prevalence of snow, but I felt like I was in another world, truly separate from the rest of the states.

Also it was cold. Very cold. One degree below zero cold. I was not prepared for the cold. How can a Walmart in Alaska of all places not carry cold weather clothing?

I wish I got more footage of the Iditarod as I got to be more up close to the dogs. I guess I was too shy back then. I also wish I still had the original footage on hand so I could remake this video without the awkward echoes.

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