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Vloggo 5, 6, 7: New York Trilogy

This was a trip of a lifetime and a nightmare to plan for.

I sectioned the trip into three separate videos anticipating that I’d have a lot of footage. In hindsight, I could’ve combined them all into a video without being too overbearing.

I am so used to preparing for weekend trips of 2-3 days, that preparing for two weeks was a whole new animal, moreso being thousands of miles away from home.


This first video is largely the flight with a bit of Manhattan. I regret my motivations behind flying on a Saturday morning in June (I really, really wanted to try Virgin America’s A321neo before it’s gone). This was probably the quietest plane I’ve ever been on. JFK is indeed a cluster of an airport, and probably the first time I was legitimately worried about my checked bags.

Navigating the New York subway was theoretically easy…. except the line I had to take was closed for maintenance, leading to a cumbersome bus bridge and me walking in humidity for several blocks to my first AirBnB. Talk about diving head first into NYC!

I had switched my lodgings at last minute from hotels to AirBnBs to avoid breaking the bank. The end result was… a mixed bag. The first housing, which you see in the above video, was more like a hostel with no ventilation beyond a window. The humidity wasn’t really helpful for sleeping at night. Thankfully I was only there until Monday morning.

I wasn’t planning on going Manhattan during the weekend, but I caved in to see a friend. He gave me a tour of Lower East End. I wish I got more footage of the scenes as that place was very much hip and alive.


I wish I filmed the chaotic transition from Brooklyn to Flushing. Penn Station is a living hell of a maze. I ended up getting a good deal with the second AirBnB (yay air conditioning). Having it be in a pleasant suburb surrounded by neat shops and restaurants made it feel very much like I was living there.

Summer rain was unexpected. Flushing is another world of awesome, Cheap asian food. Manhattan is exactly how you imagine it – bustling and awesome! I ran out of battery life far too quickly and my pack never charged, hence the brevity of this video. The High Line, the elevated park, was amazing. I’m surprised at how many New York locals have yet to check it out.

Yes, I lived in the Philippines for two years as a kid.


I was insanely busy on my last three days, staying with a friend of mine in upper Queens. This was honestly a major highlight for me in that I went far beyond the beaten path and got the privilege to be a part of his life during that time. Can I just say how amazing New York Bagels are? I mean really. Best toasted texture when fresh. I’ve never had anything quite that good elsewhere.

Word of the wise if taking MBTA in Boston: don’t do the commuter rail if you’re wielding three bags: not all the cars open and I was legit worried that I’d miss my stop. The AirBnB I stayed in at Boston was pretty charming. I honestly wished I spent more time there.

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